Live Painting Sessions


WHAT IS A “LIVE PAINTING” SESSION?  A live painting event is where the artist attends for a designated period of time and creates a custom painting during the event. 

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR THE ARTIST TO COMPLETE A PAINTING?  A live painting session is normally 2 hours long.  The artist selects a composition and size that allows for enough time to start with a blank canvas, complete an abstract painting and let the painting dry.  ­­

WHAT TYPES OF EVENTS WORK BEST FOR A LIVE PAINTING EVENT?  Receptions, company parties, charity auctions and fundraisers are the most common.  The artist will visit with guests during the painting process.

WHAT DOES THE ARTIST SUPPLY?  The artist will supply the gallery-quality canvas, paint, easel, brushes and paper towels.

WHAT IS NEEDED DURING THE EVENT? Depending on the venue, the artist will need a chair/stool, small table and access to water. 

HOW CAN I FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION?  Complete the CONTACT US form to find out more about scheduling a live painting event.

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY:  Houston-based artist Bethany Joy Madrid focuses on custom abstract and resin artwork created to compliment a variety of design styles.  During her day job, she manages an international web portal for the world’s largest computer company.  Painting provides a creative outlet for stress relief and a way for her to share her art with others.   She enjoys involving the clients in the design process and is a true believer in working together to create something that reflects a client’s personality.  For more information visit ­