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Incorporating art into your home....

Art should act as the icing on the cake.  It will make your room come to life and has considerable impact in the overall feel of your home.  Art should ground the room, but still provide enough flexibility to change color palette and theme over time.

Below are critical factors to consider when purchasing artwork.

Repetition of color and line. It's important to have complimentary color shades and tones, or strategically aligned contrasting colors.  Lines should repeat patterns existing throughout the room and existing furniture pieces.

Balance of color. Carrying that balance of color though the furnishings spreads the influence of the painting. For example a monochromatic color scheme gives your eye someplace to rest. In this case, because of the level of detail in the art, picking up colors and shapes in accessories would actually distract.

Reflection. The placement of mirrors on the wall and ceiling provide visibility and can extend art visibility throughout the room and surrounding hallways.

Lighting. Most people realize that putting a spotlight on your art will highlight it and make it stand out. But in this room the lighting increases the impact of the art by the shadows cast. Natural light and placement of windows is also a huge consideration.

Multiple works of art. Combining multiple works of art by the same artist or that have a very similar style creates greater impact.

Furniture placement. Placement of your art is important, but so is the placement of your other furnishings around the art.